Pinning down the precise sound of Alt-J is an impossibility. Undeniably addictive, frequently danceable, Alt-J defies easy definition. The band uses 2,000 years' worth of musical traditions to pump out chart-eating albums. With musical styles ranging from chanting monks to rock to soul to new age to dub step to choral to folk...and it working them into a perfect blend! It is an impressive mix from a bunch of guys who met not all that long ago at Leeds University in the U.K. They signed to Infectious Records for Europe and the rest of the world before signing with Canvasback/ Atlantic for North America. the 12" black vinyl in a gatefold jacket (1 pocket) includes a download card for the entire album along with several bonus remixes by Odd Future, My Morning Jacket, TV on the Radio.

Track Listing:

  • 1 Intro - 
  • 2 Arrival in Nara - 
  • 3 Nara - 
  • 4 Every Other Freckle - 
  • 5 Left Hand Free - 
  • 6 Garden of England - Interlude - 
  • 7 Choice Kingdom - 
  • 8 Hunger of the Pine - 
  • 9 Warm Foothills - 
  • 10 The Gospel of John Hurt - 
  • 11 Pusher - 
  • 12 Bloodflood Pt. II - 
  • 13 Leaving Nara -



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