Frisell (born 1951) is one of the leading guitarists in Jazz since the late 1980s. Frisell's eclectic music touches on Progressive Folk, Classical music, Country music, and more. He is known for using an array of effects to create unique sounds from his instrument. His musical kinship with Miles Davis has been cited repeatedly in the music press. The New Yorker notes: 'Bill Frisell plays the guitar like Miles Davis played the trumpet: in the hands of such radical thinkers, their instruments simply become different animals. And, like Davis, Frisell loves to have a lot of legroom when he improvises-the space that terrifies others quickens his blood.' His brand new album When You Wish Upon A Star features Bill Frisell's arrangements and interpretations of 'Music for Film and Television'. Featuring Petra Haden, a well known violinist and singer, she is or has been a member of several bands including: The Decemberists, Tito & Tarantula, That Dog and contributed to recordings by e.g. Beck, Foo Fighters, Weezer, Queens of the Stone Age and many more. She is the daughter of the late bass player Charlie Haden.


1 To Kill a Mockingbird, Pt.1
2 To Kill a Mockingbird, Pt.2
3 You Only Live Twice
4 Psycho, Pt.1
5 Psycho, Pt.2
6 The Shadow of Your Smile
7 Once Upon a Time in the West (Theme)
8 As a Judgement
9 Farewell to Cheyenne
- Disc 2 -
1 Bonanza
2 When You Wish Upon a Star
3 Tales from the Far Side
4 Moon River
5 The Godfather
6 The Bad and the Beautiful
7 Happy Trails