Blackberry Smoke is a Southern Rock quintet hailing from Atlanta, GA. mixing elements of gospel, bluegrass, arena rock, soul and more than a touch of outlaw country; Blackberry Smoke has earned a passionate fan base that continues to grow as the band itself evolves. Blackberry Smoke has released three full-length albums - including 2012's the Whippoorwill. Now, leave a scar live in North Carolina captures the band doing what they do best - putting on one hell of a show!


Shakin' Hands with the Holy Ghost
2 Sanctified Woman
3 Testify
4 Good One Comin' on
5 Six Ways to Sunday
6 Ain't Got the Blues
7 Lucky Seven
8 Pretty Little Lie
9 Restless
10 Up in Smoke
11 Crimson Moon
12 The Whippoorwill
13 Son of the Bourbon
14 Everybody Knows She's Mine
15 One Horse Town
16 Lesson in a Bottle
17 Ain't Much Left of Me
18 Leave a Scar
19 Sleeping Dogs
20 Payback's a Bitch
21 Up the Road
22 Shake Your Magnolia

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