Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 album from the San Marcos, TX-based band known for shimmering Rock songs and haunting lyrics. With lush, atmospheric songs such as 'Bleed Out', 'Angels in Everything' and 'Fear', and the edgy rocker 'Put It In', the Texas four piece comes back strong with a revitalized energy and a positive outlook. As singer Justin Furstenfeld puts it: 'This album is about why life is so beautiful. It's about facing fears and recognizing miracles every day. It's about enjoying yourself and realizing that life is not something you can half-ass.' Produced by Justin Furstenfeld and David Castell (who also produced the band's History for Sale and co-produced the platinum Foiled), Sway authenticates the strength of Blue October. The songs are moving, emotional and dynamic; the lyrics are poignant and the sound is breathtaking.