The soundtrack for Darren Aronofsky's film, about a man's thousand-year quest to save the life of the woman he loves, runs the sonic gamut from ethereal evocations of 16th-century Spain to futuristic soundscapes, with the added extras of dramatic percussion flourishes and some spectacular choral arrangements. Featuring long-time collaborators of Mansell the Kronos Quartet as well as the post-rock band Mogwai. Mansell has composed original soundtracks for most of Aronofksy's films. His piece Lux Aeterna has become a staple of film trailers and popular culture. The Fountain's Death is the Road to Awe is another heart-wrenching epic melody to accompany the film's climax.


"The Last Man" – 6:09
"Holy Dread!" – 3:52
"Tree of Life" – 3:45
"Stay with Me" – 3:36
"Death Is a Disease" – 2:34
"Xibalba" – 5:23
"First Snow" – 3:09
"Finish It" – 4:25
"Death Is the Road to Awe" – 8:26
"Together We Will Live Forever" – 5:02