UK double vinyl LP pressing of this self-titled album from the Rock legend containing the mono mix of the album on the first LP and the stereo mix on the second. Originally released in 1967, this deluxe vinyl reissue comprises original stereo and mono mixes of the album stunningly remastered by Peter Mew and Tris Penna at Abbey Road Studios, making this the first time that the mono mix has been available in any format since the late '60s. Decca. 2010.


1 Uncle Arthur (Mono Mix) 
2 Sell Me a Coat (Mono Mix) 
3 Rubber Band (Mono Mix) 
4 Love You Till Tuesday (Mono Mix) 
5 There Is a Happy Land (Mono Mix) 
6 We Are Hungry Men (Mono Mix) 
7 When I Live My Dream (Mono Mix) 
8 Little Bombardier (Mono Mix) 
9 Silly Boy Blue (Mono Mix) 
10 Come and Buy My Toys (Mono Mix) 
11 Join the Gang (Mono Mix) 
12 She's Got Medals (Mono Mix) 
13 Maid of Bond Street (Mono Mix) 
14 Please Mr. Gravedigger (Mono Mix) 
15 Uncle Arthur (Stereo Mix) 
16 Sell Me a Coat (Stereo Mix) 
17 Rubber Band (Stereo Mix) 
18 Love You Till Tuesday (Stereo Mix) 
19 There Is a Happy Land (Stereo Mix) 
20 We Are Hungry Men (Stereo Mix) 
21 When I Live My Dream (Stereo Mix) 
22 Little Bombardier (Stereo Mix) 
23 Silly Boy Blue (Stereo Mix) 
24 Come and Buy My Toys (Stereo Mix) 
25 Join the Gang (Stereo Mix) 
26 She's Got Medals (Stereo Mix) 
27 Maid of Bond Street (Stereo Mix) 
28 Please Mr. Gravedigger (Stereo Mix)