Went to See the Gypsy [Demo Version]
Little Sadie [Without Overdubs]
Pretty Saro
Alberta #3 [Alternate Version] [Version]
Spanish Is the Loving Tongue
Annie's Going to Sing Her Song
Time Passes Slowly #1 [Alternate Version] [Version]
Only a Hobo
Minstrel Boy
I Threw It All Away [Alternate Version] [Version]
Railroad Bill
Thirsty Boots
This Evening So Soon
These Hands
In Search of Little Sadie [Without Overdubs]
House Carpenter
All the Tired Horses [Without Overdubs]
If Not for You [Alternate Version] [Version]
Wallflower [Alternate Version, 1971] [Version]
Wigwam [Without Overdubs]
Days of '49 [Without Overdubs]
Working on a Guru
Country Pie [Alternate Version] [Version]
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight [Live with the Band, Isle of Wight, 1969] [Li
Highway 61 Revisited [Live with the Band, Isle of Wight, 1969] [Live]
Copper Kettle [Without Overdubs]
Bring Me a Little Water
Sign on the Window [With Orchestral Overdubs]
Tattle O'Day
If Dogs Run Free [Alternate Version] [Version]
New Morning [With Horn Section Overdubs]
Went to See the Gypsy [Alternate Version] [Version]
Belle Isle [Without Overdubs]
Time Passes Slowly #2 [Alternate Version] [Version]
When I Paint My Masterpiece [Demo Version]

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