Limited vinyl LP pressing. The Cuban singer Ibrahim Ferrer emerged as perhaps the most popular star of the Buena Vista Social Club phenomenon. World Circuit is proud to announce the release of his final album Mi Sueño (My Dream) the project he dreamed of realizing all his life - an album devoted to the most meltingly romantic of all Cuban styles - the bolero. Mi Sueño is an intimate arranged by Roberto Fonseca, the remarkable young pianist with whom he had developed a deep musical understanding. Recorded in Havana in 2004, the year before he died, with a wonderful small group that included Manuel Galbán on guitar and Cachaíto López on bass, the album is a very personal take on the bolero style - deeply traditional and at the same time startlingly modern. Full of passion and tenderness but still with an inimitable and irrepressible swing, Ibrahim sculpts familiar songs into fresh and atmospheric creations that are uniquely his own. As Ibrahim said, "I have just one thing left to tell you all. We dream together and we will keep doing it. If my days ended tomorrow I would leave very satisfied in having achieved my wish, the wish was that dream: to sing a bolero." A labor of love and the realization of a dream, Mi Sueño presents Ibrahim Ferrer as one of the world's great bolero singers - the way he always wanted to be remembered.

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