The first thing to point out is that 'Abra Kadavar' is firmly rooted in the seventies. Although they have a seventies 'vibe', Kadavar manages to hold off any claims of being old fashioned. You can fling in the odd 'unoriginal' comment in there, but again that doesn't matter. It is nigh on impossible to be an 'original' band in these modern days when anybody can put a track on the internet and within hours will have someone else mimicking it. 'Abra Kadavar' is a joy to listen too. With chunky riffs, psychedelic moments, driving bass runs and just damn good songs, Kadavar can show off influences as much as they want.



1 Come Back Life
2 Doomsday Machine
3 Eye of the Storm
4 Black Snake
5 Dust
6 Fire
7 Liquid Dream
8 Rhythm for Endless Minds
9 Abra Kadabra

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