Lone Bellow, The - Then Came The Morning [LP] (gatefold)


THEN CAME THE MORNING, the second album by the Southern-born, Brooklyn-based indie-folk trio, The Lone Bellow, opens with a crest of churchly piano, a patter of drums, and a fanfare of voices harmonizing like a sunrise. It's a powerful introduction, enormous and overwhelming, as Zach Williams, Brian Elmquist, and Kanene Pipkin testify mightily to life's great struggles and joys, heralding the morning that dispels the dark night: 'Then came the morning! It was bright, like the light that you kept from your smile!' Working with producer Aaron Dressner of the National, The Lone Bellow has created a sound that mixes folk sincerity, gospel fervor, even heavy metal thunder, but the heart of the band is harmony: three voices united in a lone bellow.


1 Then Came the Morning
2 Fake Roses
3 Marietta
4 Take My Love
5 Call to War
6 Watch Over Us
7 Diners
8 Heaven Don't Call Me Home
9 If You Don't Love Me
10 Telluride
11 To the Woods
12 Cold As It Is
13 I Let You Go