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Sixties girl-group sounds inform lots of indie rock these days. But it rarely sounds as fresh or thrilling as Brooklyn’s Lucius. That’s because Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig can motherfracking sing: Listen to the outsize drama of “Go Home,” which goes beyond just echoing Brill Building bouffant-chic. You hear the Andrews Sisters and the Roches as much as the Shangri-Las, and the production gets freaky in ways that always serve the songs: Check the smeary guitar solo on “Don’t Just Sit There,” and “Monsters,” a parlor-room waltz that cleaves to a kind of sonar bleep. On the Phil Spector-ish finale “How Loud Your Heart Gets,” the women chant that they’re “going going going to get you.” Smart money says they will will will.



  1. Wildewoman 
  2. Monsters 
  3. How Loud Your Heart Gets 
  4. Turn It Around  
  5. Go Home 
  6. Hey, Doreen  
  7. Tempest 
  8. Nothing Ordinary 
  9. Two of Us on the Run  
  10. Until We Get There  
  11.  Don't Just Sit There 


"Herein exists a clever blend of danceable tracks with broader ones which take the audience through a whole gamut of emotions. It took a few listens for the refined perfection of this record to settle with me, as I will always crave the rawness of a live performance sound with Lucius. I want to be able to see the organic beauty of the band’s interaction to one another. That’s the only thing: their studio work is great, but this is a band that needs to be experienced live. And though a recording can’t quite capture all of their magic, this album damn near does. A+"

- The Now Sound

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