Limited 150gm clear with black swirl colored vinyl LP pressing. One of the greatest heavy metal records of all time by a band that has come to epitomize the genre, Motorhead sounds as relevant today as it seemed abrasive and genre-bending in its year of release. With this record, Lemmy and company reinvigorated a style of music that was quickly losing its bite as it was making its way into the pop charts. Limited edition of 1,500 manufactured for pristine sound at Quality Record Pressings. Faithful, updated rendering of original art printed at Stoughton. Japanese-style resealable poly bag. Includes ‘Born To Lose’, ‘Vibrator’, ‘White Line Fever’ and more.


1 Motörhead
2 Vibrator
3 Lost Johnny
4 Iron Horse/Born to Lose
5 White Line Fever
6 Keepers on the Road
7 The Watcher
8 Train Kept A' Rollin

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