My Brightest Diamond - This Is My Hand


Though Worden makes music, the media she mixes aren't purely sonic. She cultivates a striking physical image that changes with each new project, and the videos accompanying her songs are so precisely choreographed, she could have conceptualized them in tandem. Lyrically, My Brightest Diamond is metaphorical and often whimsical, leaving space for any manner of artistic interpretation to further illuminate meaning. Various forms of texture and imagery pop up throughout This Is My Hand, most notably as a list of colors in "Pressure" and an exploration of changing shapes in "Shape." Words are painted, sounds are sculpted, and the nature of Worden's voice itself adds dimension — more than a single vocalist usually can. Her wholly enveloping, finely tuned alto sounds by turns forceful, vulnerable, cooing, playful, and endlessly emotive.

Worden's music feels simultaneously micro-orchestrated and entirely, ecstatically spontaneous. She has in common with former bandmate Sufjan Stevens an exceptional knack for world-building, as well as an ability to cultivate intimacy through flawless, complex production with a beating heart. This Is My Hand is a paean to the work of human hands, in the same way 2011's All Things Will Unwind celebrates beauty born of human struggle. Every song here works as both a mission statement and a directive that's propulsive and demanding of full attention — while Worden's voice, particularly in the title track, provides a firm yet loving affirmation.

Track Listings:

1. Pressure
2. Before the words
3. This Is My Hand
4. Lover Killer
5. I Am Not The Bad Guy
6. Looking At The Sun
7. Shape
8. So Easy
9. Resonance
10. Apparition