Punk rocks poet laureate, Patti Smith ranks among the most influential female rock & rollers of all time. Ambitious, unconventional, and challenging, Smiths music was hailed as the most exciting fusion of rock and poetry since Bob Dylans heyday. Smith followed her own muse wherever it took her, from structured rock songs to freeform experimentalism. Her most avant-garde outings drew a sense of improvisation and interplay from free jazz, though they remained firmly rooted in noisy, primitive three chord rock & roll. She obliterated the expectations of what was possible for women in rock, and stretched the boundaries of how artists of any gender could express themselves. The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame inductees first career-spanning single CD collection, OUTSIDE SOCIETY, is a new collection of 18 signature songs remastered from all ten of Smiths studio albums. The chronologically arranged tracks move from her 1975 debut album, HORSES, through her last release in 2007, TWELVE. OUTSIDE SOCIETY features brief recollections of each song, written by Patti, who personally supervised the song choices.


- Disc 1 -
1 Gloria
2 Free Money
3 Ain't It Strange
4 Pissing in a River
5 Because the Night
6 Rock N Roll Nigger
7 Dancing Barefoot
8 Frederick
9 So You Want to Be a Rock N Roll Star
- Disc 2 -
1 People Have the Power
2 Up There Down There
3 Beneath the Southern Cross
4 Summer Cannibals
5 1959
6 Glitter in Their Eyes
7 Lo and Beholden [Radio Edit] [Edit]
8 Smells Like Teen Spirit
9 Trampin

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