Now solidly into his fourth decade as a recording and touring artist, with no indication of slowing down, Australia's Paul Kelly has cemented his reputation as an international troubadour par excellence. Given the frenetic pace at which he worked over the last few years, which included new releases and multi-continent tours, 2014 was supposed to be a year off for the artist, yet he still managed to write and record a new album the focus of which is soul music. The Merri Soul Sessions in an exciting departure for Paul, yet somehow still retains that vintage Kelly sheen. "I started to imagine a soul revue type record performed live in the studio with a variety of singers and the one band. I'd fallen in love with Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes' "Love Letter", the sound of it as well as the song, so invited Clairy and the producer of that record, Steve Schram, to get involved." - Paul Kelly 2014.


1 Smells Like Rain - Feat Linda Bull
2 What You Want - Feat Vika Bull
3 Keep on Coming Back for More - Feat Clairy Browne
4 Sweet Guy - Feat Vika Bull
5 Righteous Woman - Feat Paul Kelly
6 Don't Let a Good Thing Go - Feat Dan Sultan
7 Where Were You When I Needed You - Feat Clairy Browne
8 Thank You - Feat Paul Kelly
9 I Don't Know What I'd Do - Feat Kira Puru
10 Down on the Jetty - Feat Vika & Linda Bull
11 Hasn't It Rained - Feat Paul Kelly & Vika and Linda Bull

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