Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 will be the year that Pixies indelibly stamp their musical footprint on rock history as the Alternative Rock legends release their first studio album since 1991's TROMPE LE MONDE. Needless to say, with two million catalogue album sales to their credit, and the recent press announcement for the new record creating huge waves of anticipation, a lot of people are very, very excited. Since the band reformed to play live shows in 2004, their legacy has grown stronger and deeper with each passing year. They've sold out shows and festivals around the globe, attracted a whole new generation of young converts, energized their supporters at press and radio, and delighted a ravenous fan-base drunk on their classic catalogue but hungry for new music. The band will continue to tour throughout the year, playing festival dates and major market arenas, gaining even more new fans along the way, and setting the scene for one of their best-selling and most revered albums to date.


1 What Goes Boom
2 Greens and Blues
3 Indie Cindy
4 Bagboy
5 Magdalena 318
6 Silver Snail
7 Blue Eyed Hexe
8 Ring the Bell
9 Another Toe in the Ocean
10 Andro Queen
11 Snakes
12 Jaime Bravo

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