Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 release from the Boston-based Alt-Rock trio., MA's Pretty & Nice will release their third full-length album, "We put a lot of positive energy into this batch of songs. Most of them started on acoustic guitar out on the front steps of the studio/house. We took a lot of inspiration from being outside in the sun and from changes in our own lives and in the way we approach each day. The past couple years have been difficult, but transformative and we grew a lot individually and together. The songs reflect those changes," explains vocalist/guitarist Holden Lewis. "We felt freer than ever when recording the songs and that opened them up a lot. "Shimmering", "shining", "soaring" were all words used to describe what we wanted to hear. Our communication in the studio was better than ever and it became a deeper collaborative adventure than on past recordings."


1 Stallion & Mare
2 Mummy Jets
3 Critters
4 New Czar
5 Q_Q
6 Gold Fools
7 Yonkers
8 Money Music
9 Kill the Beast
10 Golden Rules
11 The Frog

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