Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 album from the Indie Psych Punk band. Continuing their credo of 'no limits', Purling Hiss fail to repeat themselves, shaking out a bunch of weirdo pop numbers rife with ramshackle; tactile and free. WEIRDON travels into the pop dimension of Purling Hiss, making for their fastest and catchiest songs in the abiding images of Punk and Psychedelia.


1 Forcefield of Solitude
2 Sundance Saloon Boogie
3 Learning Slowly
4 Another Silvermoon
5 Reptili-A-Genda
6 Where's Sweetboy
7 Aging Faces
8 I Don't Wanna Be a
9 Airwaves
10 Running Through My Dreams
11 Six Ways to Sunday

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