Feature Safe and effective stylus cleaning formula,Built-in applicator brush,Removes dust, dirt, and grime,One small bottle lasts a long time

You can have the cleanest vinyl record in the world. But if your phono cartridge stylus is dirty, you'll miss some of the music that's hiding in the grooves. Worse than that, a very dirty stylus could even harm your favorite recording. The Record Doctor Stylus Cleaning Fluid is the safe and easy way to get your stylus free of dirt, dust, and grime. Your stylus may accumulate this grunge from airborne sources or pick it up from a dirty record. But it's quickly removed, thanks to the fast-acting cleaning solution and the stylus cleaning brush that's built into the cap. The Record Doctor Stylus Cleaning Fluid can make a huge difference in the way your turntable system sounds. It's one of the most affordable enhancements to good audio that a vinyl enthusiast can make.

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