(remastered, reissue of The Roots' first album)

A1 The Roots Is Comin' 1:17
A2 Pass The Popcorn 5:28
A3 The Anti-Circle 3:48
A4 Writers Block 1:42
A5 Good Music (Preclude) 1:01
A6 Good Music 4:31
B1 Grits 6:33
B2 Leonard I-V 4:03
B3 I'm Out Deah 4:09
C1 Essawhamah? (Live At The Soulshack) 4:20
C2 There's A Riot Going On 0:12
C3 Popcorn Revisited 4:04
C4 Peace 1:14
C5 Common Dust 5:02
D1 The Session (The Longest Posse Cut In History, 12:43) 12:43
D2 Syreeta's Having My Baby 0:43
D3 Carryin' On

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