Limited vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release, the Boston band’s first release on Hopeless Records. First Day Back was produced by Jay Maas (Defeater, State Champs, Title Fight). Reflecting on the release, vocalist and bassist Michael Fiorentino explains, "We are very proud of First Day Back. Musically, I think it represents a step forward and highlights a number of new influences and styles. In terms of lyrics, I attempted to incorporate themes of alienation and struggle but also resistance and resilience. We live in trying times, but it's important to keep in mind that the immense challenges we face as a society exist alongside green shoots of hope. This record is dedicated to all revolutionaries and freedom fighters the world over."


1 Slow Walk to the Graveyard Shift
2 Violent Decline
3 Thorn in the Side
4 Problem Child
5 Reminded/ Weighed Down
6 Days Here Are Long
7 Room Full of People
8 You Won't Stay
9 Alright, I'll Wait
10 Bitter Medicine
11 Lifted from the Current

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