Press for This Other World (2013)

"Supersmall produce blissful folk/blues and rock music that’s upbeat, interesting and most importantly (with our weather brightening up) summery. It’s everything folk and roots music should be." - Rocking Republic, UK.

"Their songs are delicate lyrical stories, intricately woven poems, carried with real, raw emotion which is both relatable and pleasing...Lighthearted beauty with an intriguing depth" - Posemanikin

"Their tunes and melodies are every bit as wistful as their lyrics. Many talented lyricists approach songwriting from a traditional, emotive perspective. Dempsey and Schiller are a bit different in that many of their songs tell actual tales from beginning to end, in ways that many of their contemporaries couldn’t, and certainly not as eloquently." - Thirty Roses

"Dempsey and Schiller make a compelling duo; a very organic and natural partnership of storytellers whose lyrical content shine among these seven well-crafted songs." -

"Supersmall‘s This Other World captures the balance between composed and wide-open songwriting that is common in artists from across the pond" - Independent Clauses

"Each song stands on its own and Supersmall explores genres as casually and effectively as if they were picking a bouquet of wild roses. Their spirit is high, and mine certainly was, too, by the end of this." - The Equal Ground

"Supersmall has a very mature sound for a band on their debut release. The songs are well-written and you get a nice selection of tunes on here. You get a nice taste of Supersmall, and it still leaves you wondering what’s next? I am eager to see what the future holds." - Muzik Reviews

"This outfit really shows talent. They are talented songwriters. They are talented musicians. Most importantly, though, they know how to create a set of songs that are mature and entertaining. This is a fun disc that never disappoints. Personally, I'd love to hear more from them." - Musicemissions

"Dempsey’s and Schiller’s experience as musicians is evident in this pristinely produced collection of dreamy folk songs." - The Indie Blender

"Well written melodies and lyrics. Worth checking out" - Those Who Dig

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