2014 re-mastered reissue on 180-gram vinyl in MONO. Beatlemania blasts forward for it's SIXTH album released in 1964! Although "Beatles for Sale" has darker moments than the other albums released that year, there is no denying the joy in "Eight Days a Week" or "Rock And Roll Music." The more somber "I'll Follow the Sun" remains a classic ballad to this day. Released on December 4th, 1964, it is hard to believe one more album would still be forthcoming before calendar flipped over into 1965. This reissue from 2014 has been re-mastered for incredible mono sound on 180-gram vinyl.


1 No Reply
2 I'm a Loser
3 Baby's in Black
4 Rock and Roll Music
5 I'll Follow the Sun
6 Mr. Moonlight
7 Kansas City : Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!
8 Eight Days a Week
9 Words of Love
10 Honey Don't
11 Every Little Thing
12 I Don't Want to Spoil the Party
13 What You're Doing
14 Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby