Vinyl LP pressing. The venerable Cotique existed at the juncture where Afro-Caribbean music met the rootsy sounds of soul and R&B that blossomed in the U.S. during the '60s and '70s. Some of the finest albums in the boogaloo and Latin soul genres were recorded for this label, including sessions by Joe Bataan, Johnny Colón and Larry Harlow. Cotique's product was marked by a refined aesthetic and unerring good taste - consider Machito's foray into R&B idioms on the Soul Of Machito LP. The label was also wise enough to invest in down-to-earth salsa, recording New York's ultimate barrio orchestra, The Lebrón Brothers. Their career spans 5 decades of doing things uniquely and uncompromisingly their own way: making funky, gritty, streetwise and relentlessly swinging music that mixed Spanish lyrics, Latin tunes and English-language R&B/soul-oriented numbers.

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