A1 –Leonard Cohen Nevermind 4:39
A2 –Lera Lynn The Only Thing Worth Fighting For 3:16
A3 –Nick Cave & Warren Ellis All The Gold In California 2:26
A4 –Lera Lynn Lately 3:57
A5 –John Paul White What A Way To Go 3:06
A6 –Lera Lynn My Least Favorite Life 3:29
A7 –The Handsome Family Far From Any Road 2:48
B1 –Alexandra Savior Risk (Demo) 4:00
B2 –Cassandra Wilson Sign of Judgment 4:01
B3 –Bob Dylan Rocks And Gravel 2:26
B4 –Lera Lynn A Church In Ruins 2:51
B5 –Bonnie "Prince" Billy Intentional Injury 2:24
B6 –Lera Lynn It Only Takes One Shot 2:53
B7 –S.I. Istwa & Father John Misty The Angry River 2:55
C1 –T-Bone Burnett The Psychosphere 3:50
C2 –T-Bone Burnett The Lonely Tomb 1:40
C3 –T-Bone Burnett I Remember 0:55
C4 –T-Bone Burnett The Lowlands 1:18
C5 –T-Bone Burnett The Secret Truth of the Universe 1:40
C6 –T-Bone Burnett True Detective 2:00
C7 –T-Bone Burnett The Flat Circle 4:42
C8 –T-Bone Burnett The Little Children Suffer 2:36
C9 –T-Bone Burnett The Tiara 2:33
D1 –T-Bone Burnett The Yellow King Interrogation 1:45
D2 –T-Bone Burnett The Munchausen Interrogation 2:41
D3 –T-Bone Burnett William Childress 1:31
D4 –T-Bone Burnett The Childress Family - The Psychosphere 1:49
D5 –T-Bone Burnett The Beat - The Childress Family 2:17
D6 –T-Bone Burnett True Detective 1:50
D7 –T-Bone Burnett Carcosa 2:12
D8 –T-Bone Burnett The Altar 4:46
D9 –T-Bone Burnett The Psychosphere - Hart and Cohle